VC, Punjabi University, Patiala

Giani Gurdit Singh Ji, as every connoisseur of Punjabi language, literature and culture would know, as a “literary virtuoso” possession exceptional knack of painting a picturesque view of his ideas and thoughts with immaculate deftness and precision. His scholarly works on Sikh religion, including, Jiwan da Usrayia – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sikh Dham te Gurudware, Singh Sabha Lehar di Den, Bhai Lalo Darshan, Sikh Mahapurakh, Bhatt te Uhna di Rachna, and biographical sketches of such stalwarts as Bhai Kahan Singh, Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, Giwan Singh Rarewala, Maharaja Ashok and Mahatma Budh constitute a hoary treasure.
His books, “Mera Pind” and “Mere Pind Da Jiwan” are incomparable treatises, which depict in no uncertain terms his uncanny ability of sensitising the reader to the folk profile and wisdom in a befitting idiom. I myself have made a deep study of many of his works, which have left an indelible impression on my thoughts reveling on the existing genres of Punjabi literary writings. We can unquestionably boast of having “Mera Pind” when someone mentions “Mera Daghistan” by Rasul Hamzatov.
Giani Ji’s incisive vision as a writer and administrator has made him a revered figure among Punjabi litterateurs and Sikh scholars. His association with Singh Sabha as its Chief for the long period remains a memorable period. The conferring of such titles as “Gurmat Acharya” by the SGPC, “Shiromani Punjabi Sahitkar” by Punjab Languages Department and felicitations by the UNESCO and Gurudwara Associations of the UK, Canada and the USA were in fact an honour to the respective organizations.
The effort to bring out a book on the life and contribution of Giani Gurdit Singh Ji is undoubtedly a pious task that you and your mother are endeavouring upon. It would certainly add to the rich repository of Punjabi literature in ways more than one. I acknowledge with gratitude your invitation asking me to script a few words, which are going to be a part of the monumental work in the offing.

Dr Jaspal Singh


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