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Giani Gurdit Singh: 1923-2007 chronicles the life & works of the acclaimed author and religious scholar

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years… We’re here not to grieve, but celebrate the impact Giani Gurdit Singh made with his writing on generations.” Dr B.N. Goswamy’s tribute to the prominent journalist, author and religious scholar was both apt and touching. A book, titled Giani Gurdit Singh: 1923-2007 was released on Sunday (on Giani Gurdit’s birthday) and the commemorative volume brings out the life and work of the author of the acclaimed Mera Pind, regarded as a classic in Punjabi literature.

Giani Gurdit had passed away on January 17, 2007 and during his lifetime, he played a significant role in Punjab’s political life, Punjabi journalism and literature. He was also a well-known scholar of the Guru Granth Sahib. “His words, command over the language, vision of the world, imagination, perception, wisdom, self-irony, information…it’s all extraordinary. He had a quiet exterior, but there was a fire ranging within him. He lived a life that needs to be lived and encouraged others to follow,” Dr Goswamy continued. Scholars and people who knew Giani Gurdit Singh have contributed to the volume from all over the world.

Prof Rajpal Singh, Secretary General, Punjab Arts Council, and Poonam Singh, Editor Preetlari, read excerpts from the acclaimed Mera Pind. “His contribution to Punjabi literature and religion is amazing and Mera Pind is the story of every village, and everyone can associate with it,” said Tarlochan Singh, MP, former Chairman, Minorities Commission, who released the 230-page book, which has articles by about 50 scholars, largely in Punjabi.

Tarlochan dwelled on the importance of the Parkash newspaper and the Singh Sabha Patrika, which Gianiji had edited for 15 years. “While Mera Pind is a classic, Gianiji’s research on religious issues and his books on Bhagat Bani and Mundavani are milestones. The four sections cover his personality, the literature that he produced, his religious scholarship and memories, called Sakshiat, Sahit, Dharam and Yaadan and the English section is 54-pages.

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