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Today, readers of the Punjabi Tribune read an article titled “Lasani Sakhiat Giani Gurdit Singh” by Harmit Singh Atwal.

The readers of Daily Ajit read a tribute, captioned “Giani Gurdit Singh Nu Cheate Kardian” by Dr Tejinder Pal Kaur.

Today is my father’s 87th birth anniversary. We remember him still—his work, his personality and his deeds have, indeed, left a lasting impact on the fabric of Punjab and in the collective consciousness of Punjabis.

I hope that you like the changes that my friends Rajiv, Cheena and Sandeep have done to the website to make it more contemporary and attractive.

Sikh Chic, the Canadian website has published HS Gill’s article, which is also a fitting tribute to Giani Gurdit Singh ji.

In the evening, at 7.30 pm IST, Doordarshan Jalandhar is telecasting a half-an-hour documentary on him. I will update you once I have seen it.

I really don’t have much more to add, other than that his heritage is cherished and alive, even after his is no longer with us physically.

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