Remembering Giani Gurdit Singh

Giani Gurdit Singh ji was a brilliant man who spoke in a simple language. A supportive husband and loving father, he is widely remembered as a kind and helpful man. Even today, I meet people who recall his acts of kindness and his helpful nature.

He left his imprint on Punjabi journalism, on Punjabi literature and on the understanding of Sikh scriptures. He also founded institutions like the Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha and the Guru Granth Vidya Kendras in Chandigarh and Delhi, besides playing a significant role in the foundation of Punjabi University, Patiala, and in getting Takht Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Saboo recognised as the fifth takht of the Sikhs.
We remembered him today at when I went for a morning programme on Day and Night television channel, where the compeer Surinder Singh, journalist Shyam Singh and I talked about Giani Gurdit Singh ji and his contribution.
He would have been proud of the book that Sikh Heritage: Ethos and Relics that Bhayee Sikandar Singh and I have just published. In fact, while working on the book, I went to places like Bhai Rupa, where I was known as “Giani Gurdit Singh’s son”. Indeed, a title that I am very proud of.
He left us physically on this day in 2007. Our mother Mrs Inderjit Kaur, my brother Ravinder Singh and our families all remember him, even as we have come to terms with living a life where all we have of him are his memories. Ah! What memories! What an impact he left on the society at large, and on us in particular.

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